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buttives laos, cambodians, ctives that we should consider. think about allies as well that the united to haveys going foreign allies in these and through studying withcal interaction t work, what were their sort of elements where we agree and hing,f t that will help us understand g in iraq or afghanistan or other conflicts, think if you want a of the viet nam war it is worth the to work like this that will help triet .. ..
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this is just under an hour. [applause] shalom, good evening, everybody. it's my pleasure to be with uiq. i'm very happy to see so many people coming here and showing an interest in my boat i would
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like in the next 20 minutes to show we do not want this in the book, but behind the idea. we can all agree with happening in israel is important to the people who live in the united states of america. why? because we share the same values, the same principles, the same heritage and the same enemies. because we are in the middle east today, dean attacked we ask ourselves why these people against the jewish nation in the middle east. not because of the lens we so-called occupied. it is the value we are working upon them in israel and the values of our democracy following very carefully their election here in the united states and beginning to be interesting. but we do father and we do to
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the american people and the american values. sometimes too much. for example today of independence in israel, a big celebration you'll find people in the israeli flag and the american flag. i don't like it. i put on my car only the israeli flag. why do people do with? to democracy and values of the american people. one of my main point in my book is israel is not america. even though we love america, we are not america and we cannot make mistakes because if you make a mistake, you pay a price, but you are able to correct it. if israel makes the mistake, we cannot correct it. we saw in the past. the main point of my book that israel must make decisions according to israel. we do not have to think or to try to satisfy anyone. even if it means telling our
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allies or the american president or the e.u. or the u.n., we do not agree with you. i'll give you two examples. i'm going to do with the issue of iran. because if i could not do it will be the first question. but before iran, let's speak about iraq. in the early 80s, decided to attack a nuclear reactor in iraq. it wasn't popular here in the u.s., but we did it and we were condemned by the u.s., the state department. we were condemned by the u.n. years later, people appreciated the grave issue he took was for the benefit of the american people. because then you invade iraq come you are able to go into iraq without the risk of the iraqi nuclear. thus go back to 1973.
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i'm sure some jewish people and the audience and for us, the jewish people yom kippur is the holiest day of the year, where we go to the shore, we pray 1973 turn yom kippur. even though i thought i knew everything before i wrote the book. when i was doing the research i learned myself a lot. i found out 1973 congress by surprise, were almost an appointment would've lost the war. in the middle of the war, we can go to the sea. it's not the war in vietnam or afghanistan. it means rout of the game to make it to a crucial point in the first day of the war that we were invaded from both france and in washington sent a telegram to the embassies, which is not far away and i might
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telegram there was a message from kissinger, secretary of the state department, telling us the israelis, wait. hold your horses. do not take action because kissinger is going to move on with provided doctors. when the telegram was sent from the state department to the embassy during yom kippur, the egyptian and syrian armies were already on their way to destroy the jewish state. that is an example of a mistake because the leader at the time, she was afraid to take a preemptive attack. she was afraid to hold the reserve because she said i don't know what will be the reaction in washington. and dr. kissinger was very strong. nixon was going down, he was going up and she was afraid from his reaction. because of her approach, we almost lost the world. that is why today we do with the issue of iran, we have to take
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the decision which is good for israel. maybe it will not be popular in the u.n. for sure. everything you say about israel and the standard of the one sponsored by u.s. money of some event maybe one day will be a committee to look at the decision and the u.n. but also it will not be popular in the u.s. only today, secretary clinton a few hours ago said we should not put any red lights to iran. this is a mistake because when you do with the enemies in the middle east, you don't play according to the words of income at jerusalem or bmi. it is a different wargame, a different language. if you want to convince somebody in iran to up the nuclear race, you have to take action. in my book. directly after top. were to take action and we seem
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better sanctions are not crippling sanctions. i think what happened in the decision that our friend in canada tech to close the embassy in tehran is a brave decision. we should've done it years ago because the people in iran look at what is happening here in two weeks time ahmadinejad will be traveling again to the u.s. he will go to the u.n. and deliver a nice beach, but then he will go back to iran and will continue the race to build a nuclear bomb. and my book i speak a lot about israel, but its effect the well-being of the american people because it's a dream the become nuclear, it is a threat to maybe in the frontline. maybe they will go after ourselves. to listen to what the people in iran are saying. they're saying very clearly we wipe out israel first.
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and we want to wipe out the united states of america. we will go after the saturday people come in the jews. but after that we go back to the sunday people, the christians. in my book or try to send your message. you have to make. many americans say well, the issue of iran from israel. why should we care? bonito you something. it is in your backyard because if iran becomes nuclear, is a threat to the american people. look at the linkage between america and iran, and hezbollah and al qaeda. what is the connection between hezbollah and iran and venezuela? ways their weekly flights flying from tehran to nicaragua.
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the history to the shared values, the american value, israeli values to which you represent. if you ignore the threat coming from iran, it will come to the show with the united states and tomorrow we're going to remember the incident in the attack of 9/11. al qaeda decided to attack new york city. they could do with the capability and can share with you with all due respect to our intelligence into her security systems if al qaeda had wanted to attack in tel aviv the israeli tower, they would've been able to do it. but they chose to attack here in the u.s., here in washington d.c. why? because they wanted to send a message and for that matter i hope that the united states of america and whoever we elect him
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will take a leadership decision playmobil decision. maybe it's not popular, but it would be more decision to stop the nuclear race in iran today. i don't know how many of you have followed the wiki makes report, that something very interesting popped up from wikileaks. when you go look at the writing of the arab leaders, not israelis, not jewish, arab leaders in the middle east, they were afraid more than i speak to people in saudi arabia and egypt, in jordan. so for that matter we'll have to take action. if the u.s. will decide to sit idly by and to watch and pray and take action, israel will have to do it by itself. it will not be easy. the ability retaliation not only from iran.
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dopey missiles flying and from lebanon, from hezbollah. the hamas organization in casa will send hundred. if we choose today between the option of allowing iran to become nuclear to the option of fighting ourselves, i think it is a clear message what we will do. i'm a question if we do it with the u.s. or without the u.s. assault over asking today. one of the main points of my book that i know many people here are informed about the middle east initiative a two state solution. for the last 20 years, we hear about a two state solution. you must finish the conflict and their resolution will be a palestinian state in judea and somalia and jerusalem. president obama adopted this
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approach and is calling upon us, the israelis to be the palestinian state can go back to 1967 lines. in my book i referred to a new paradigm. enough of the two state solution. it doesn't work. we traded for the last 20 years. we signed the oslo accord and they haven't received any peace. we tried with different engagements from god for anything for the long one that should be a three state solution and not two state solution. when i speak about three state solution, i speak about jordan, egypt and israel. i do not believe this to be a palestinian state in the land of judea and somalia because what was happening today in gaza. the range of islamic radical forces. u.s. yourself, do we want to see the same happening in jerusalem? i do not.
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in my book i have a lot of criticism regarding the administration, but there is some good decisions to eliminate osama bin laden. i see with the leadership in action when president obama decided to kill osama bin laden. they were ordering the troops to do it. 24 hours later there is one later that condemned the u.s. for killing one of the greatest leaders. do you know who without the care? which command you, the american? was always sure of the hamas organization in gaza. we were the only one who say i'm condemning the u.s. for arab nations. on the other hand, why sending the troops to kill osama bin
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laden, the american administration is pressuring israel to sit down and negotiate. with some? with with the same people who prayed osama bin laden with the same people who teach and incite against jews every day. that is so i think you forget to a point where we have to reach a decision, we cannot win the palestinian state. i don't know how many of you have been to israel. but it's almost cost him his room from east to west the proximity issue is very important in building and ntt and our backyard is not something we can allow. it's not like when you say we have a border with canada, with mexico. if you have an enemy, state or enemy entity, look what's happening today in the southern part of israel.
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prime minister shalom decided to pullout from gaza. i was against it and i write about that personal experiences because there is very close until the point he decided to disengage from god for. you as the godfather of my first son. i said you know how much of a defense to portage and help each become the prime minister. but the military decided to pull out and take jews out of the communities. i cannot work with you anymore politically. what we expected this if you take out the jews from gaza or in your language you evacuate the settlements. so we evacuated all the settlements in gaza. we took out all the jews in families who lived there. we then took people buried in the cemetery out. the detroit the synagogue. we removed all of them out of
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gaza pier would've we received received in return? on the contrary we pulled out hamas and step dad. from those very communities, today people do so as not to judaic somalia. the conflict is not. i say ineffability three-piece idea. it's not what israel is they're willing to pay. president obama implied and prime minister netanyahu had to come to washington to tell him, no we cannot. now we cannot do what you want because it is much deeper than what we are willing to give. the conflict is about the very existence of israel and when you talk to dad with palestinian leaders, you understand that 67
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line. they don't want to see jews division in the middle east. i want to conclude and change the language that we speak regarding israel. all the time and in the book is a young generation of israelis, which changed the language. enough with the apologetic tone. all the time have to apologize. so i'm talking in my book about the rights. we have rights in israel and i started with a biblical right. a lot of you are believers, christians and jews a lake written in the bible about the connection of jews to the land of israel. for those of you which is just not enough to prove it and go back to the books of mark twain and other people who visit
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israel and show historically connection between jews and israel. you cannot prove the connection of palestinians to israel. but if that's not enough, i am talking about the legal rights here in the room and was a legal document with the declaration in 1920, you've understood the legal right, international binding legal rights of jews. but there is something else, which i have not found elsewhere when i wrote the book and i call it common sense right. when you go to a war and when they were come you don't give a lens. what's happening out is we won the war. you've come to us and say, you know what? i want my land back.
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even out here in the u.s., when you're her with mexico, nobody came to a told you you know what, we thus the word. the common sense is sent to which we say very quickly and our neighbor should note that if we start another war with us, they will not get any price for it on the contrary if you lose, you lose. i think talking about the racism thing very important and in many times because of the pressure coming from here, from washington in the u.s., we tend not to speak about what we want to ask them what we believe. i chose the name of the book, "israel: the will to prevail" because it is all about us. if we believe, we have the will and determination we will be able to prevail. if we try to satisfy everybody all the time, you will not be
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able to win. i know every time we speak it stands we have so many enemies are so much turbo. but israel is a beautiful country. it's a country of innovation. wherever you go you see tech policy inaction and also yourself whether you love it or you don't, i'll be here with this technology if you're using your cell phone technology for the chips on your computer. the amount of innovation for israel is amazing. as a family man i can tell you it's a great piece to the. even though we speak about the threat and the challenges, still something we can all be very proud of and i am very proud of my country. but we have to know that we need to stand up united and protect
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ourselves and we get to a point where we will find a valuable partner that we can sit down and speak about peaceful agreement. i don't see it in the near future. that's why speak of my boat about conflict management. not conflict resolution. he came to many times to washington to the white house. we have too many signs. you know the oslo accord. you're a big supporter of the environment. think about the amount of paper that was recently drafted the oslo accord. daily, and speak with the palestinian leadership about the oslo accord. for example, it is a holy site for jews and according to the oslo accords to support whenever we want to pray, but we cannot go there. it is not safe.
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jews cannot go prebeta tomb of jordan. it is written in the oslo accord i don't want another ceremony in the white house. i don't believe not. i want to get to a point there will be a real piece. until we get to that point, we have to manage the conflict. i want to sum up and tell you that the book is very straight. i didn't hide some of my colleagues in the message and the concorde so you're making a mistake. if you buy something in the book and you are john bolton lee, what happens in a few years? people tell you in your book on page 182 about that and now what you are doing? they said somebody wants to lead in believing principle, i am able to protect and if one day i would think that i'm not, i will come and say i was wrong.
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i think so far what we're saying that the public in majority of the american people have an understanding that it's not about what it's really going to pay. it's about finding a viable partner. 22 do thank you all for for coming here tonight and i will be very happy. you can read it with read the questions and i will be very happy to answer your questions. do you not very much. [applause] >> yeah, two questions. first i don't bethink attacker giving tonight is encourage the extremists in the arab muslim were to want to destroy israel for two reasons because there's a struggle going on now between the moderate and extremist between hamas and the palestinian authority and the kind of action you're talking about our courage is the of hamas because like you hamas does not believe in diplomacy. like you, hamas believes in
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strength. like you, hamas does not want to come to the white house. so what you're doing is talking to the people you say it's not worth it to talk to israel in your discouraging the palestinians in the west bank who believe in peace. people like mahmoud abbas, you discourage them, so you take the swing vote among palestinians and push them towards hamas. does not bother you and did she feel guilty? that the first question. the second question is right now there's a lot of forces in the world. israel needs friends in the world. don't you think is her would gain more friends in the struggle against how dangerous it ran as. i completely agree how dangerous iran and mockler, danish artist. what mccain is your more friends if you stop loving friends in the west bank. those are my two questions. >> okay, i will do it this way. i do not feel guilty. on the contrary, it is very important to speak up and say you're talking about abu mazen
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went and signed an agreement with the hamas. he decided to what together with hamas. we can not come to ask israeli, i'm not the radical forces. unfortunately today you feel even abu mazen cannot go into gaza because if you go to gaza today, no one can guarantee you will be so out of gaza. it is much deeper than what we think it's about i hope one day we have the force to elect a different government. look at what's happening in the region. we spoke about the arab spring. spring is a beautiful world. it's something we speak about being born, but it's not romantic to the arab spring because whenever the art of resolution, and islamic forces gaining power. following very carefully nobody knows what will happen after a
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side would get out of syria eventually. so we have to be very careful. be part of the settlement, with a gap between what people think about the settlement out of court and the jury-ish community and about the reality. maybe you can tell me, do you know what is the actual percentage of settlement of jewish homes occupying land in judea and samaria? sound settlement, what is actual on the ground that she had occupied the lands? anyone? >> is 3%. i wish it was 50, 90 or 100%. but it's not the case. it is vacant. the idea that the jews cannot leave, because we do not have
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peace i do not accept it. to date israel with arab israelis, 20% in the week. they live like i live, vote like i vote and nobody tell them if you've not lived there, you have to move out. we have to get to the understanding that it's not about the settlement. it's much deeper than that. [inaudible] >> that is the question? i am 41, ma'am. i do not -- and said what you want. did you get peace? what did it get? [inaudible] >> i think my point is very
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clear that history has told us we cannot wait and we cannot get to a point when people speak about the timeline, sometimes the timeline of the american people is different than israelis. maybe because what you just said that at least we cannot count them but cannot we bring you see such hatred. >> this is happening in europe, too. i hope you read the history. you are too young. >> my name is david maccormack. my question is only related to the issues that i think it might be something that will give israel the means to prevail. it set up the coast of israel there's maybe $240 billion worth of natural gas and its ongoing
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in the knesset. the decision to whether the resources can be developed for export so that no large company can come in and develop the resources if they are not allowed to export. i don't know if this is something we've taken a look at, but do you have any thoughts towards the committee recommendations and export of natural gas? >> i have to thank god because in this release to complain a lot and they complain we don't have the oil for years and the amounts we found is amazing. it's much more than you'll ever need in israel. and yes, the export the gas and today what we decided is in the beginning we would export 50% of the gas and evaluate the decision after we continue to drill in the water.
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but we are very lucky and i think maybe one day we'll change the energy market. also one thing i dressed in my boat is israel is now doing a pilot in which rebuilding the infrastructure and we try to use her brain to find other solutions for energy. >> and an israeli. i was born not of. i was raised there. and the whole thing. as an israeli, i am argumentative. but this is not the forum for argument. i am also a guest here. i am lisa's gas that we are not supposed to attack, although you tempt me greatly. >> you can do that in israel.
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>> come to my house, we can do it. not everybody in israel of course is in agreement with you. there are many experienced people, smart people that don't hold on to your point of view. you know, i have a very simple question. israel is a mighty country. it's the strongest country in the middle east. israel has a cachet of atomic weapons. for many years they obtained i hope our troops like they used to do historically to obtain arms in my young days under the british mandate. do you think there is any bit of connection between israel being
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a nuclear power and israel is a nuclear power and other nations in the middle east striving to reach nuclear power? >> first of all, you know that when you put to jews in a room, you have three opinions. it is okay to argue, but we are democracy. we have elections in israel and i belongs to the ruling party of the coot party and the majority of israelis support it but have been last election. [inaudible] >> i hope so. i hope so. i would not get into detail, but one thing i can tell you for sure is when the iranian leader speaking about it quite a nuclear capability is telling to the world why he wants it. he wants to change the reality in the middle east. he wants to rule the middle east
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he's saying it and i believe it. if israel has a nuclear power to show strength and avoid another war. i don't intend to convince you because that is something we cannot agree on. i think when you read my book, you need to know the enemy. >> i have not read your book, but i read your updates in "the new york times" and you fudged a little bit here and there. >> thank you. >> sera, it's a pleasure to be here with you this evening. this is a last-minute trip and i had a friend of mine had read some of your background and i was very impressed. i'm about to move to israel. i've sold everything i have. it's where my heart is.
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you know, it is amazing that one nuclear bomb on tel aviv would wipe out a lot of israelis more than if i'm not mistaken any other city. it's a very scary thought and that's what many of those folks in that region of the world are adamant on. so i agree with you and i'm thinking there is a man of your principle and caliber and fortitude that is in leadership in a thank you for that. but my only question is just listening to you speak and kind of reasoning for your book and looking at you on the internet, do you believe there's a chance you might run for mr. net is position one day? >> now you want to get me into trouble. i cannot share my prime minister is watching c-span and following it very carefully. first one to congratulate you for your decision to move to israel.
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it is not easy to live in israel, but i congratulate you for that. i support prime minister netanyahu. when asked governor romney, president obama, i think we have enough politics but i have to choose prime minister netanyahu. i can tell you one thing when i was working any years ago, he told me of politics you have a pyramid. everybody wants to move up. so every member of the senate is to become minister in every minister wants to become the prime minister. in the game, but i'm still young and working my way up. thank you. >> of the two thank you for coming and giving us great speech. and curious that if israel was to attack the ring in reactors tomorrow. i'm not curious about the day after. i'm curious about five, 10 years down the road. what kind of protracted conflict with israel be engaged in?
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because one attack may take up the tears, but doesn't take the knowledge base with the material already there. i don't want to live with a nuclear iran, but i don't know how one strike or let's say two or three with the will to that. it seems once the cats out of the bag, inside of the bag. thank you. >> i cannot go into the details of the attack, but the message is very important than the message of israel or the jews so you should be a joint society. we are not allowing iran to become nuclear. one strike, 10 strikes, one year, five year because after iran you will find other countries in the middle east that will tell you i've heard it from the muslim brotherhood in egypt. if iran is becoming nuclear, we
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also want our neighbors and other note terry countries on the footsteps of iran. it's a moral decision more than a tactical one. >> this is a follow-up to that question. in the september 3rd issue of "the new yorker," it was some of liberal writer david grossman. i just wanted to quote something from the article and get your reaction to it. earlier this month and i don't have the pronunciation, a former head of military intelligence told the jerusalem post that an israeli attack would lack legitimacy, unite a fractured iranian leadership and make it clear they need a palm now so that we cannot attack them again. >> today you have a debate in israel. open public debate. you will stop some industries, tell them what he thinks about whether we should attack iran,
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that's democracy. and democracy is the government, electro- government. so you for a while experts of the army. you have people from the left, people from the right. in the u.s. who saved the backside. and the responsibility stops at the desk of the government. for the government will to sit down with all the intelligence and armed people and take a decision. it's not going to be an easy call. they will be decided in the government. so in israel, everybody feels the prime minister. but the bottom line, the prime minister of israel but the government will have to take that decision. >> i think that i support one of your ideas. i think israel should go it alone and i think they spent billions of dollars and we need
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our money now and i think israel should go it alone with libya, with here and. i wonder if we would have been attacked on 9/11 if it weren't for support of israel. >> i think we'll start with the end of your remark. if you look at the attack on a ride in the book in london are measured, countries that do not support israel like the united states is much deeper than the connection between israel and the united states. at the beginning i don't just throw should do it alone. it will not have the choice, we will do it alone. but i do believe it should be a joint effort of the society because those forces will go against u.s. soil. it's israel's problem. but when you will find an atomic, makes the case with the
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port of san diego, it will become your problem. i do think it should be a joint effort of western society, meaning the u.s., israel, canada, australia will have only with leadership decisions in washington. >> that's not going to have been. >> the u.s. is israel's only fan. people are pretty disgusted with the kind of undemocratic behavior going on there. >> if you show me a stronger democracy in the middle east for a stronger ally of the united states in the region, i will agree with you. but i beg to differ because the cheapest aircraft today at the united states in the middle east is in that region. we are in the frontline presenting the same value in same principles. you'll find the source is coming to shores. >> thank you.
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>> you know, i share your concerns about iran. i worry about it all the time. i think it's real. but growing up jewish, and learned that being jewish also meant caring about the stranger from the bible or the people of king david, but also people of the profits. what i didn't hear in your talk is forgive me, but any kind of humanity towards palestinians. i don't know what you paid to do with them. i don't think he thought about, no offense ap said the solution. does that mean turn gets the west bank. but i know if israel keeps territories commit either stop in a democracy or a jewish state. i know there's problems with houston has come a serious ones. i believe arafat could've made a deal at oslo and there could've been peace. i am not naïve. but i think the constant building of settlements is
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undermining israeli security, causing the world to condemn israel and invite to know what your answer is. disease risk is to keep the territories and rollover of the people? hybrid a two-day affair. what's your solution here? >> you have to read the chapter about the three state solution. but briefly i will answer it. my vision is his long-term vision and also in israel politicians who speak to you. but from enough and and i'll show you 20 days. i offer the opposite. i do vote for me now in the vote will be made in years. i don't and you will answered. nothing will happen tomorrow morning. my long-term vision speaks about three state for the palestinians have been to jordan. it will be negotiated with the
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israelis and palestinians and palestinians will be think that egypt. you have the muslim brotherhood and hamas with issues of sharia law, israel, u.s. poquoson nevermind. it would be allowed walk together and sign the linkage. i don't want to annex the palestinian towns. i think it should be done to jordan and yes it will not happen tomorrow. we have to weigh. if i would've come here to washington d.c. two years ago, i would've told you president hosni mubarak will be caged in jail. you would think i'm insane. today i'm coming to tell you in the long term there should be a linkage between the palestinian judaic, and in the future you
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would say it's not going to happen. they would not agree to it. so things change very fast and we have to put forward what we believe is good for us. >> at the situation continues, i fear for israel's security and future. i see that it's dangerous and there's also a moral issue they are coming to come the patina. >> thank you. >> my name is jerry dan says. i was in jerusalem in 1973 when the war broke out in all the european nations made a big point of saying, we're not going to send any weapons to the middle east because we don't want to encourage the war this just started. which sounds very noble except at the same time the russians
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were booked to sending weapons to the syrians and egyptians. my concern is with the shiites and the sunnis. if iran gets an atomic bomb, the question is not that the egyptians will say we want the same toy. the point is that the egyptians are sunnis. the saudi arabia thursday means and the iranians are shiite and the most likely scenario is the sunnis in pakistan will send atomic bombs to their sunni brothers in saudi arabia and egypt and now suddenly have atomic bombs all over. so i am aware of the dangers of
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israel attacking iran in stopping him from getting an atomic on. this seems to me the dangers of letting them get an atomic dog followed a the sunnis in saudi arabia and egypt is much greater. >> i agree with you. i would just add that we changed realities in the middle east. it did in the past come in the future and we just cannot wait and see what will follow it. we're very concerned concerned about iran today. >> time for three mark questions. >> vic to another. with regards to the atomic bomb, we believe that israel has added for many years. they've obviously never used it. i don't believe that any nation,
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which has any sense that i would ever dare to use that in the environment that is the middle east today. i think it is a preposterous notion. if you've ever been to hear it shina, you will see what that's an incredible devastation it is feared i don't think any nation can ever consider, nevermind the blessing they do on an ongoing basis. my question to you is i think a lot of basic obfuscation is as far as i'm concerned, what is that it to the palestinian people? what kind of future do they face? there was an attack from palestinian centuries long a few days ago or a few weeks ago. tonight is the end result of israel's policy of the last 20 or 30 or 40 years. i've been a lifelong sinus and
2:49 pm
igc and israel that is more and more isolated and more and more surrounded the enemies to an even greater degree. i'd just like to now, will the day come when there will be peace? ever be given up the fact that would be in my lifetime. israel will go down fighting. that's the reality. i just like your comment on that. thank you. >> if i had another i would answer everything he said. but it takes two to tango. with all due respect to wishful peace is not enough. if you don't have a partner, it is not nothing today we don't have a partner. i think we do care about the palestinians. you look at what's happened in syria and the u.n. meeting so
2:50 pm
frequently are putting committees with these double standards. if you compare with happening in syria can. he happening in israel. i think in order to achieve a real peace, not a piece of paper, you will have to wait and find a viable partner. >> thank you. >> my name is richard chorus. i'm actually a christian in my background is represented persecuted christian communities in places like egypt and pakistan and iran. my question is have unfortunately concluded the no approach to achieving middle east peace has been found as is basically now possible to achieve. now you have 10 million christians in egypt being put on another rate to exist list.
2:51 pm
the previous jewish state is the thing that's happened unfortunately concluded that may never happen more likely than not. i think we may just have to think out of the box away from the current options. >> i think an eroded in my book it has nothing to do with the settlement. i went to south sudan last year. i don't know how many of you have visited south sudan. when he spoke at the prison of south sudan and he told me about the war with khartoum, the worm is not because of the land disputes and it's not because of the oil race. the muslim forces to not what christians living next door to them in africa. so there's no settlement, no occupation, no palestinian, but
2:52 pm
the christians living today in south sudan is exactly the same case in israel. it has nothing to do with boundaries, with occupation. it has to do with severe except james of jews but then in the middle east. >> i spend about 20 or serkin on the south sudan issue a mighty arabs are seen by christians for being described as the israelis and zionists had to leave sudan. is this intolerance to any community of christians, jewish or people they call infidels that's the issue. >> last question. >> hi, i have three questions. if you can hear me. is what is the questions of iran or even pakistan signed, their
2:53 pm
atomic know-how to terrorists so it wouldn't be the state of iran it would be attacking the terrorists. any habitat about a four state solution. before the state being the ultra-orthodox. and lastly, aren't atomic bombs altogether and anachronistic if the next war is going to be computer -- with the code? cyberattack. >> i would answer with your permission. first of all, you're right. if iran becomes nuclear, technology will look at syria today. it's a big issue with the chemical weapons in syria. nobody can guarantee today with the chemical weapons attack knowledge he will not go to hezbollah and lebanon to go anywhere and it is a threat to all of this.
2:54 pm
it is an issue of concern for all of us. regarding orthodox and israel, i read a lot about it in "time" magazine and i know you discussed this issue. but israel is a strong democracy we are orthodox and israelis and they live together and go to elections together. i sit in the parliament that the arab member retune on to create all the time, but we do not argue all the time. i think it is a strong democracy today. israel can be proud of that democracy. i know for some americans it's easy to criticize the democracy in israel. but i'm proud of the democracy of israel. how to believe, for example, a number of knesset decided to join from turkey that came to
2:55 pm
israel on the same boat very terrorists who attack soldiers in the end kaon that vote. she came back a day later and she answered and that democracy inaction. i don't know if a congressman would've joined a flotilla of qaeda back to congress. but it's happening today as we speak. i think we can all be very proud of the democracy in israel. i want to thank you all for coming. i'm sure after you read the book you will have more comments and things you would like to ask. i'd be happy for you to do it on facebook and website. i would like to thank also. thank you very much.
2:56 pm
>> now joining us on booktv is an old washington hand and that is ambassador stuart eizenstat. "the future of the jews" is the name of the boat. ambassador eizenstat, were you writing a book about the future of the jews? >> we survived three dozen years of calamities culminate in a holocaust of our own time and yet we survived and thrived and contributed to society's, even those that didn't want this. now we have a whole new set of 21st century challenges and the question is how they've survived those terrible times, can we now survived prosperity, success and integration? and look at this from two days. i look at the global forces that affect america, american jews
2:57 pm
and israel, everything from the ship to power in the united states and the west, to china and east. the powers of globalization in the digital era, how to do with the 1.6 billion muslims in the world, threats of iranian nuclear power. and i also look at internal threats. low birthrates, a simulation and again whether we can in effect succeed at a time when we are more successful than ever being integrated in our society. it's a new phenomenon and that's really what i wanted to write the book. i also write about that from an israeli is. i've been to israel maybe 40 times. three times this year alone during the carter and clinton administrations is deeply involved in policies between the u.s. and israel, but i'll say right from the perspective of someone who has relatives in
2:58 pm
israel, who has spent many, many years in time in israel. so it's a unique give looking from the outside in and the inside out. >> israel was one of the few foreign policy issues in the 2012 campaign. mitt romney saying you won't see many some night. is the u.s. relationship and vice versa a healthy relationship? >> it's a remarkable relationship between one of the nations that have the smallest majority in our great country. it's a mystical relationship with you think of how much support we showered and israel and how much support we get back. it is due to the fact that it is not just jewish support. were only 2% of the population in the united states. it's because we've shared values, shared enemies and islamic terrorism that many
2:59 pm
people in the united states via israel as the holy land. not just jews, but non-jews as well. it's quite a remarkable thing at a time there is so much polarization between the republicans and democrats. it's one of the few foreign policy issues that actually unite democrats and republicans. >> "the future of the jews," is your book title provocative in any way and do you mean it to be? >> i mean it to be because many people who described calamities for 3000 years in effect access successful integration? ..

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